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All Working Bitcoin Debit Cards and How to Get One in 2019!

Bitcoin Debit Card

What Are Bitcoin Debit Cards?

Wondering what Bitcoin cards are? Whether you are a Bitcoin enthusiast, new to the world of cryptocurrency, or digital nomad this article for you.

Cryptocurrencies aim to change the world for the better to aid people to earn their financial freedom. However, practically speaking, cryptocurrencies haven’t accomplished their original goal due to the liquidity problem.

Basically, liquidity means how easy and fast you can convert cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to fiat and other services and goods. To this point, cryptocurrencies are being traded online only. Furthermore, the size of online spending is still insignificant. Then the fact that everyone isn’t that tech-savvy when it comes to using the different types of Bitcoin wallets.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, isn’t like hard money in which you can simply run into a mall then purchase something as you usually do with traditional cash systems. This case obviously displays that there needs to be adhesion in the liquidity of Bitcoin. And for digital currencies, it could be mean a big challenge.

Either way, in order to solve this problem companies who are providing Bitcoin debit cards are growing so fast. Though their number is growing so fast, most people aren’t people what Bitcoin credit cards are. Nevertheless, read on to know more about Bitcoin debit cards.

Best Bitcoin Cards

Bitcoin Debit Cards: What Are They?

As the name suggests, this is a prepaid card that lets you fill up your debit card using Bitcoin which will be converted to fiat like GBP, USD, EUR, and other currencies thus you will be able to make an acquisition.

Some of these cards will hold the Bitcoin refill in BTC and it will be only converted into fiat when you make a transaction. While others convert it to corresponding fiat the moment you fill it up.

Regardless of how they work, Bitcoin debit cards can be utilized for day-to-day payments as well as purchases since they are associated with MasterCard and VISA that are popular payment processors utilized all over the globe. 

Actually, these cards look like any other debit cards. Here are the following details found in Bitcoin debit cards.

  • Card number
  • Holder’s name
  • Expiry date
  • Issuer’s company name
  • Card verification value or CVV number
  • Processor name

Types of Bitcoin Debit Cards

Bitcoin debit card companies or service providers usually issue two various types of cards, the plastic debit card, and virtual debit card. And each debit card has its own purpose and use for various types of users.

  • Virtual Debit Cards

This type of Bitcoin debit card can’t be utilized offline. Moreover, it does not have any chip that you can swipe everywhere. But, you can use it for all kinds of online acquisition by simply entering some important information like your expiry date, card number, CVV number, and among others.

  • Plastic Debit Cards

It is a usual credit card that comes with a PIN number and chip that you can swipe in order to withdraw money from the ATM. However, you can also enter your card’s important information when making a purchase online.

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards

bitcoin card

Wirex or previously known as E-coin is actually an EU-based fin-tech startup company which provides Bitcoin wallet that has a debit card attached to it. Aside from Bitcoin, the Wirex debit card support other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

  • Virtual Card and Plastic Card
  • First Virtual Card is free then 3$ per card
  • 44 major altcoins as top-up methods
  • Cost 3.00 USD for Virtual and  8.00 USD for Plastic
  • Friendly interface and excellent support
  • Easy to get one in 2k19!

Bitpay offers Bitcoin debit card only in the USA. Unlike Wirex, the Bitpay Bitcoin debit card, however, only support Bitcoin. The card can be obtained from any states in the USA. However, users have to complete all the KYC verification process before getting one. When it comes to fiat currencies, this Bitcoin debit card only supports USD. This card costs about $9.95 and there are no transaction fees in the USA except only flat $2 withdrawing fees. Moreover, it comes as a VISA card, meaning to say, you can use it any place in which a VISA card is accepted (fees applicable for transaction outside the USA).

  • Plastic Card only
  • Supports US only
  • Card cost about $9.99
  • Friendly interface and excellent support

A Russia-based company that issues the two types of debit cards – the virtual and plastic card. Aside from that, Cryptopay also provides two other currencies (fiat) EUR and USD. With this card, you will be able to withdraw cash from any ATM all over the world. And just like any other debit cards, ID verification is needed especially when withdrawing bigger amounts.

  • Virtual Card and Plastic Card
  • Card can be connected to PayPal account
  • $15.00 for Plastic Debit Card and $2.50 for Virtual Card
  • No ID required for debit card issue
  • No loading, withdrawal or purchase limits
  • Worldwide debit card delivery for free

Hopefully, this content gives you a better understanding of what exactly Bitcoin debit cards are and a detailed comparison about current active cards.

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