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TextMe Mobile App – How To Get Free Credits

Need a phone number as a second line? Or you just want to prank your friends? Either way, you should check out the TextMe mobile app. TextMe offers a free local phone number and voicemail service to everyone! It works just like your current carrier except for the virtual part. TextMe works on 3G, 4G, WiFi even on 2G. 

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Why TextMe?

Unlike all the other so-called free texting/calling app on the internet which they only allow to call someone who actually has access to the internet and installed the same app on their phone, TextMe genuinely allows you to call a local/international phone number or someone without access to the internet or even your Grandma’s landline. Send as many Texts as you want (real SMS) to any local number in the US, Canada, Mexico, and more than 40 countries worldwide for completely free. Users can send their Dropbox photos and videos via SMS directly from TextMe. They can also transform their iPod touch and iPad into a real working phone. Calling any numbers in the world using this app will cost you little to no money. To perform a call using this calling app you have to have credit which is an in-app currency for the TextMe app. Well, today we are gonna talk about all the possible ways and cheats to receive credits.

TextMe Features

  • A free real local virtual phone number
  • Completely free text messaging to USA/Canada
  • Free calling with voice and video, including calls to any number in the US/Canada
  • Receive phone calls on your TextMe virtual number and enjoy Free Voicemail Service
  • Call forwarding service
  • MMS picture messaging, group messaging/chat
  • Cheap worldwide Calling
  • Share GPS location with friends and family
  • And lot more

TextMe Credits Cheats

There are multiple ways to get credits on TextMe app. First off, users can earn credits or buy credits using real money. Earning credits can be performed by watching videos, watching premium videos, completing offers, completing surveys or just by inviting friends on TextMe app. Or if you wanna have credits right away you can always buy credits instantly. Now, after earning free credits or purchasing credits you can start making calls to anyone in the world. Even buying credits and calling internationally is much cheaper than your current local provider rate. This is one of the great TextMe cheats if you consider calling internationally. Hacking TextMe method will allow tech-savvy people to save a lot of money. The most interesting part about TextMe is that you don’t need to subscribe to any plan and they offer “pay as you go” model. It just you who decides what to do and what not to do. 


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TextMe is a great app if you are considering saving money for connecting with friends and family which is a lot if you often call overseas. This app will let you call/message to your local US/Canada friends for totally free! And for a very cheaper rate than your current provider, TextMe allows you to call anyone internationally. Isn’t it a great deal? Well, it seems to me.

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