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textPlus Reviews and Tips, Explained!

textplus review

textPlus Free Text & Calls is one of the most simple, cheap and hassle-free apps and by using it one can easily stay keep in touch with others via calls or texts. It makes your tablet into a real phone, top services include cheap international calling, free texting, and a real US number. Other features such as group texting, group calling (audio/video), and MMS are also popular. Lastly, a lot of money can be saved using the textPlus mobile app.

textPlus Features

  • Free local phone number. Users can choose own number. This also includes changing the number at any time, can select any area code without any known restrictions.
  • Users can send completely free text message and group messaging to any local number inside US or Canada. 
  • One can make calls to anyone and anywhere with a very cheap rate as low as
    $0.02 per minute, inbound calls are completely free, and also unlimited free voicemail is.
  • No hidden fees. Call abroad or anyone anywhere for pennies.
  • Some of the calling rates: call anyone in UK 2.2¢/MIN, call anyone in Canada 2.2¢/MIN, call anyone in Mexico 2.2¢/MIN and even call anyone in China for 2.2¢/MIN.
  • Group messaging with friends and family. Flexible and easy subscription option.
textplus reviews

This app has good reviews on both Google Play and Apple Store. Some of these are: 1. Luv this app very helpful! I’ve been using this text/call free app for a few years now on several different devices /tablets I have owned. But luckily this app has always been there and I have had perfect voice reception+ texts. By Jaslyn Corbett. 2. Been using textPlus for 5 years I love this app. By Leo Nicholes. 3. It’s free- so thankful for no bugs! Unlimited texting sharing photos and attachments it’s literally free. In the last 3 years, it keeps getting better. And I enjoying the communicating icons with phone calls. By Zach Reimer.

textPlus gives you protection from unwanted callers and texters. This problem can be handled easily using the contact blocking feature. One can also buy spending real cash or get credits via watching videos, completing sponsors task. textPlus also giveaway credits often for those users with based on top leaderboard performance.


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Last Words

textPlus is an app with lots of useful features. Unlike other similar apps on the market, this app actually turns a tablet into a fully working phone and gives you all the tools to make call/text in any corner of the world with a very cheap rate. This app is very useful in terms of it’s features and functionalty. 

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